Welcome to the Historic Medicine Lodge Stockade Museum!

Journey with us to a time in our country’s past where life was hard but hope for a better future was strong. The promise of new life in the west called many families to leave everything familiar behind. Pioneers were seeking a new land of opportunity where one could homestead and raise a family. Stockades became the gathering place of protection for these pioneers during troubled times. Within the stockade walls communities were built and friendships were forged as everyone daily worked together to provide adequate food and clothing for each family. At the close of the day families gathered together to spend time singing hymns and thanking the Lord for another day of safety. Occasionally, special events were celebrated with fiddle music and dancing.

The Medicine Lodge Stockade Museum gives you a taste of what life was like in a stockade in the 1870’s.


new front wall and 3 men Front Wall Rebuilt!

Thanks to David, Derek, Ellis, and Tyler for the hard work they put in rebuilding the front wall.  It looks wonderful!  Thank you!

Peace Treaty FestivalPeace Treaty Festival

September 27, 28, and 29, 2019

The Peace Treaty Festival, formerly Indian Summer Days, is September 27, 28, and 29, 2019. For information about special activities at the Stockade Museum, see our Peace Treaty Activities page.  For the other activities that weekend and more information about the Peace Treaty Festival, see the Peace Treaty website


the Stockade in September
The Stockade walls and towers were built in 1961. The last major repairs were made in 1982, and time has taken its toll. With many generous donations we have replaced the towers and are now working on the walls. We still need both donations and volunteer assistance. A goal of $40,000 has been set to replace the walls.

The cost of a single log is about $50, so donations of at least $50 will be recognized on a plaque to be displayed inside the Stockade Museum.  Donations between $50 and $249 will be listed as a Log Provider, donations between $250 and $999 will be listed at the Wall Raiser level, and donations of at least $1000 will be Stockade Protectors.

To make a donation, please complete the Stockade Repair Donation Form and come by the Stockade during normal hours or mail the form with your check to PO Box 132, Medicine Lodge, Kansas 67104.   You may also get a copy of the form at the Stockade.  Please make your check out to Medicine Lodge Stockade Museum.

Call or visit the Stockade Museum for more information about helping with the reconstruction.  This could not happen without the generous support of all, so thank you!

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